Children’s Dentist

Most children are anxious of visiting the dentist. Some would even avoid regular dental check-ups in fear of dentists. This mindset is what Distinct Dental aims to change.

Our practice takes a different approach to help children and teens maintain healthy and beautiful smiles without any fear of undergoing dental treatments. We make efforts to gain our patient’s trust to ensure they’re always in good hands from the moment they enter our office.

A Relaxing and Fun Environment for Children

Part of the anxiety children feel come from the environment of a dental office. We’ve taken extra steps to create a light atmosphere in our office to make children feel more at ease when they visit. We have prepared a lounge area where children can play, watch their favorite shows, or simply relax while waiting for their turn. Our staff members are also available to address any needs during your visit.

A Personal Approach to Treatment

Dr. Rafiei makes an effort to help children understand the importance of regular dental checkups. He takes time discussing different dental services so they will feel less anxious during their treatment. Dr. Rafiei teaches children basic oral hygiene to help them maintain their teeth at home.

Don’t let cavities and other oral problems ruin your child’s smile.